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Phillip Racette LMT Phillip RacetteWelcome to the Reiki Phil website. My name is Phillip Racette LMT. I am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher bringing natural healing energy to men and women in the home, workplace, or treatment office. All of my healing sessions: Reiki-ssage, Reiki-Reflex and Indian Head Massage, have four basic outcomes - the 4 R's listed below.


All treatment sessions promote deep, relaxed breathing and a large increase in oxygenation throughout the body. One enters an alpha state of consciousness during these treatments, which permits the mind and the spirit to reconnect with the body in a balanced, harmonious ecology.


Toxins in the muscles and tissues and glands are loosened for elimination by the usual bodily channels. Lactic acid is one of several toxins released; massaging of the upper body muscles is a very effective way to release lactic acid. Also released, when needed by the receiver, are frozen feelings and trauma -- residue. Science researchers are finding that these feelings and "trauma scars" are actually stored in our body's cells, glands and organs.


Once this physical body becomes peaceful through the transforming touch of therapeutic hands, the mind and the spirit also unwind and enter into that same peaceful state. Harmony and balance return to the individual. Recovery of one's wholeness is accomplished on all levels -- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of one's being.


To remember who we are is a gift flowing from the quiet and stillness and peace of holistic treatments. We recall who we are: sparks of the Divine; holographic pieces of the Universal Life Force; children of God, if you prefer; a soul that is eternal and apart from the body.

Therapy is a word meaning "to journey with". The therapist does just that: takes a journey, albeit for 30 minutes or an hour, with the receiver who finds peace, calm, balance, and reconnection. Reclaimed is the innocence and joy of life once again. Clarity of mind, freshness within the body, and heightened awareness of one's spirit-nature are the results of these treatments.

Please take a look around this site and feel free to call with any questions - 847-409-0828.