Phillip RacettePhillip Racette has enjoyed practicing service skills in five occupational avenues, each skill-set adding something special to his current healing practice. These roles are: seminarian, U.S. army support soldier, M.S.W. social worker, corporate security officer, and massage therapist / holistic healer.

Phillip's non-typical childhood and teen years turned out to be unique preparation for the thirty five years he devoted to providing social services to families and children in Illinois. He grew up at Maryville Academy, a home for dependent children in Des Plaines, Illinois. His parents were unable to keep a home environment for him and his two sisters. Phillip attended Quigley Seminary as a teenager, studying to become a Priest. He also attended Julian Eymard Junior College in Hyde Park, N.Y. for two years. Two degrees were earned at Loyola University of Chicago, the first in 1963 and the second, a Masters in Social Work in 1965. Phillip's three years in the U.S. Army ended in 1961.

Phillip's career in social work included assignments in child welfare settings, in a hospital, and 21 years as the Director of In-Home Care Services at a voluntary, non-profit agency serving Cook County, Illinois. Phillip is a skillful, intuitive, compassionate, and effective healer-teacher. His Reiki training began in 1996 and is continuing. He is a certfied Reiki Master-Teacher. He is also certified in Reiki-ssage™, a therapy that blends massage with Reiki energy.

Phillip Racette is a member of the Reiki Council, an international Reiki organization that promotes professional advancement through classroom training and other shared learning experiences. He also is an advanced student of the Champissage School for East Indian Head Massage. Phillip is a member of the International Massage Association.

Phillip is married to Bernadette Racette. The couple live in Niles, Illinois, a suburb northwest of Chicago. Phillip and Bernadette are the parents of two adult sons. Phillip is a "fan-a-tic" for the Chicago Bulls basketball team. He enjoyes playing the Native American flute and singing -- both in and out of church. His greatest joy is expressing himself through Reiki. Phillip says this about Reiki: "It came into my life... things began to turn brighter and brighter, clearer and clearer. I now enjoy each day with greater pleasure and much cheer. I know myself and I know other people much better now. I'm alive and energetic in my body, in my mind, and in and through my spirit. An added gift is the many good friends I've made in the Reiki community. Reiki practitioners are fun-loving. They show a deep appreciation for all living things, for animals as well as people, and they are good at celebrating all the growth that people make in and outside of the treatment room. Reiki is my gateway to a happy, fulfilled life!"