"I live in my head. I want these five sessions because I know that head massaging will do the trick... will take me out of my head."

Kathy, IL

"I only relax when I'm in this chair, when I'm here for a session."

Susan, IL

"I made an appointment to see you because I knew I was stressed. The night before my appointment, my blood pressure was around 140 over 90. After the treatment, I was curious and took my blood pressure again. It was 120 over 80. I'll definitely be back again. Thank you."

Eddie, IL

"Near the end, I felt my spine totally relax... it "caved in"... a wonderful, and grounding, sensation."

Betty, IL

"While getting the massage, I realized how relaxed I was, so I made it a point to be as relaxed as possible and kept telling myself that this was for me. I deserve it and how good it felt."

Jo Anne, IL

"The Reiki-ssage experience was a good one for me. I have had basic massages in the past and have to say that I did not enjoy them because I found them very painful. This process was not painful at all. It was very enjoyable and I look forward to my next Reiki-ssage."

Sandy, IL